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The Basslet: a wearable subwoofer for your body

Basslet: the watch-size subwoofer 

The watch-size subwoofer. Delivers bass directly to your body – for a powerful music experience that headphones alone cannot provide. 

Is It A Minimal Watch? No, It's A Subwoofer Called Basslet 

This is something we immediately dismissed as ridiculous. It is a tiny wrist-worn device that fools your body into thinking the thing is, in fact, a subwoofer. Nah, we thought. But then things start to pile up. A good friend leaves an established music company to join the company that makes this. Another CEO of an equally large music company shows me one excitedly, saying "you gotta try it". I am suddenly intrigued. 

And now you can try it too. It's called Basslet, and by the powers of Bluetooth, it listens to whatever you've got going on in your headphones, and using a small vibrating unit built into its black plastic body, it taps that bass frequency out physically on your wrist, a bit like the haptic feedback on an Apple watch, or the vibrate in your phone. And apparently, this fools your body into thinking you are in the presence of earth-shattering bass. 

Yeah, yeah you're thinking - sounds rubbish. As I say, the evidence is piling up that some mind trickery is indeed going on here. Lots of otherwise sane people are saying interesting things about it. Anyway, it is on sale from the maker's website, and we have one here too, so we'll be reviewing it shortly.