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India is one of the most vibrant and colorful countries of the world, the culture of India is highly developed and the club culture as well! We are very pleased that this region is among others in our united family! This year India introduced its TOP20 best representatives among female DJs of the region. The first place this year got DJ Rink!

We congratulate our partners, all the DJanes that took their places in this year's ranking and wish everyone huge success, prosperity and inspiration!

Check out the full Top20DJanes India list below:

1. Rink 
2. Angel 
3. Paroma 
4. Amour 
5. Ma Faiza 
6. Barkha Kaul 
7. Shireen 
8. Candice 
9. Smita 
10. Kamya 
11. Aashikhaa 
12. Donna 
13. Lil'b 
14. Sonee 
15. Varsha 
16. Smitz 
17. Sonya 
18. Ana 
19. Himanshi 
20. Chhaya