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Let's support female DJs in Top100DJs 2016 Poll!

Ladies and Gentlemen, DJanes and DJs, voting for the 2016 edition of DJ Magazine’s Top 100 DJs Poll, the world’s biggest music ballot, is now open, and closes at 11.59pm BST on Wednesday 14th September! The 2016 winner will be crowned at the Top 100 DJs Poll Awards on Wednesday 19th October at Amsterdam’s Heineken Music Hall; the show is the opening night of AMF, which is held during the Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE). The event will feature DJ sets from the world’s No.1 DJ, and some of the biggest names in global dance music. 

DJANEMAG hopes that from year to year female DJs names will become more and more in Top 100 DJs list! Last year, girls took 3 positions among the hundred of the best DJs of the world, this year we expect, that their number will increase significantly. Nowadays, women are on an equal footing with men, collecting stadiums of fans, writing a hit music, masterfully controlling decks and we are sure that they are definitely deserve a place among the best DJs of the world! 

Let's support female DJs in Top100Djs 2016 Poll and vote right now on - 

What is more, we want to remind you who of the female Djs have entered Top 100 Djs from the very beginning of its existence? 
2004: 29. Lady Dana, 30. Lisa Lashes, 49. Misstress Barbara 
2005: 56. Lisa Lashes, 59. Misstress Barbara, 74. DJ Tatana, 78. Lady Dana, 83. Anne Savage, 86. Miss Kitten, 100. Magda 
2006: 99. Lisa Lashes 
2007: 83. Lisa Lashes 
2008: 77. Lisa Lashes 
2009: 75.Lisa Lashes 
2010: 93. Claudia Cazacu 
2012: 46. Nervo 
2013: 44. Krewella, 87. Tenashar 
2014: 21.Nervo, 33. Krewella 
2015: 24. Nervo, 81 Krewella, 94. Miss K8 
Lisa Lashes is a record-holder in the number of times she was included to Top100DJs. Nervo had the highest positions among girls in the ranking - 21 in 2014 and 24 in 2015. 
We wish all DJanes huge success and many-many votes)