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AA DHIK CHik ft. Djane Rink

She’s set the dance floor on fire with her beats, made us dance at home and functions with her groovy tracks from Bollygram and now she’s setting our mood right every weekend. Djane Rink is doing everything needed to keep appealing to the masses and repay her fans with quality music. She is now on radio every Saturday night to meet fan requests and give the music they ask for. Even with a packed season and loads of travelling at hand she doesn’t miss this opportunity to interact with her fans and show the best she’s got. She proves it that she isn’t just India’s number one.

You can tune in to her show 'AA DHIK CHIK' on Radio City 91.1 FM every Saturday at 10pm in Mumbai and at 9pm in all other cities in the country. Follow the process in the image posted below to request your song to be aired. Keep listening and do tell us your views about this endeavor of hers and whether more Djanes should also take to this platform.