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Anna Prior announces debut solo EP and shares retro first single, ‘Fall Back’

Anna Prior Announces Debut Solo EP “Almost Love” and Unveils Retro Lead Single “Fall Back”


Anna Prior, renowned as the drummer of Metronomy, steps into the spotlight with the announcement of her debut solo EP, “Almost Love,” accompanied by the release of its lead single, “Fall Back.”


“FALL BACK” - A Glimpse into Retro Sounds and Emotional Depths


With its pulsating beat and luminous synth arrangements reminiscent of 90s dance music, “Fall Back” sets the stage for Prior's solo venture. The chorus echoes poignant sentiments: “If I fall back on you / It’s hard to say what’s true,” reflecting on the complexities of love and trust.


Reflecting on the track's inspiration, Prior shares, “The song is about when I realized that love from a partner is never unconditional...when my hyper-independence began and when I started searching for people that I knew could never love me so I would never get hurt again.”


A Visual Narrative: “Fall Back” Music Video


Directed by Tom Furse, the music video for “Fall Back” delves into Prior's vision, marking their second collaboration after “Tech Não.” Prior aims for continuity, stating, “I wanted the two videos that Tom made to somehow link I wanted this video to feel like I’d stepped into ‘room two’ of the club, everything shining, glittering, and clean.”


“Almost Love” EP: A Journey of Self-Exploration and Musical Collaboration


Scheduled for release on June 13 via House Anxiety, Prior's EP “Almost Love” promises a captivating blend of influences and emotions. Produced by James Greenwood (Ghost Culture), Moullinex, and PPJ (Trio Páula, Povoa, and Jerge), the EP embodies Prior's introspective journey, drawing lyrical inspiration from Portuguese romantics of the 19th and 20th centuries, discovered during her time in Lisbon.


Described as Prior's “love letter to herself,” the EP explores themes of longing and aspiration, encapsulating the essence of 'almost' being there but not quite. With collaborators spanning diverse musical backgrounds, including Dan Avery, Kelly Lee Owens, Alison Goldfrapp, Christine and the Queens, and Myd, “Almost Love” promises a rich sonic experience.


As Anna Prior embarks on this solo endeavor, “Almost Love” stands poised to captivate audiences with its heartfelt lyricism and eclectic soundscapes, marking a significant chapter in her musical journey.



Fall Back‘ is out now on all platforms. ‘Almost Love’ arrives June 13th via House Anxiety.