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Behind The Scenes at India's Top 20 Djanes

It’s been super busy two weeks and we’re thrilled to see so many votes pour in throughout the day. Along with the votes went up the number of new Djanes entering the race. Considering this new development and wanting to give enough time to every Djane to market and get votes in their favor we had postponed the first leaderboard and seems to have been taken in good faith by every Djane. Another success for the team so far has been that we have had votes pouring from every corner of the country to the tune of over 2000. It is indeed a challenging task that has been kept under control by the project leads considering the manual nature of vote counting so as to eliminate fake and duplicate votes.

This brings us to some concerns that we have and where we need increased support from the Djanes:

  • We have noticed a lot of duplicate votes. Such votes are trashed right away and lead to an increase in the work for our team.
  • A lot of fake votes have also been recognized and it’s a humble request to Djanes to not engage in such behavior. The vote counting process is a manual one and we can easily see authors of every vote.
  • We request Djanes to encourage their fans to fill in 5 legit names of Djanes only. Any other names result in discarding of the vote.
  • This voting is strictly for Djanes i.e. Female DJ’s. Our humble request to voters is to please just vote for them and to Male DJ’s is to not create their profiles on the web and hence make our work easier.

Voting has just begun and we are looking at music enthusiasts from the world over to vote for the best Djanes in India. If you’re confused as to who to vote for, visit and check the profile of the Djane of your choice. Their social media and media links are provided in the profile which will allow you to know them better.

In the end all we wanna say is let’s play fair and may the best Djane win!