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Breaking stereotypes to dominate the industry

The dance music industry in the country has forever been dominated by the male DJs, but with the turn of the century there seems to be a breakthrough in this industry with numerous female DJs taking up dominating positions.

However, the struggle has been real for these artists since appearances were weighted more against skills. Added to this issue, stepping up against stereotypes and stepping into a world where this gender is less represented leads to some female djs with amazing skills to underestimate themselves.

The market has finally learnt to respect talent and many big brand venues across the country now have female DJs playing much more frequently now. Some female artists now have about 15 gigs planned for a month giving tough competition to their male counterparts. Looking at the scene we must say these female artists have shattered and not just broken stereotypes.  With Djanemag now boosting up its operations within the country the female DJ industry is sure to get a mega boost. With multiple events planned at major cities across the country, we’re ready to get the upcoming female artists and existing ones the recognition they deserve.

Stay tuned to this space and our social media platforms for upcoming events. If you’re a female DJ and still haven’t registered with us do so by following the steps given below:

1. Sign up to create an account on
2. Click on My Account on the Top Right after logging in.
3. Add the DJane Profile and fill in necessary details.

Voting for Top 20 Djanes in India will begin shortly. To be eligible to participate in this competition having a profile is a must. For enquiries on this and further details contact Djanemag India via emails on