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Checking the temperature in the room at the 30th day of voting

We at Djanemag India truly believe in what Simon Sinek once said, “Leadership is not about the next election, it’s about the next generation”. It’s been a roller coaster ride with over 6000 votes registered and still counting. During this journey we caught up with a few Djanes to understand their experience about India’s Top 20 Djanes.

“Well, it feels nothing less than exciting! I’m really looking forward to the D-Day” was Djane Lil’B aka Bhavini Shah’s reaction when asked about how she felt with the voting on. Djane Angel added saying that there is an added rush in the air now that India’s Top Djanes is being voted for. “It’s more like a festival feeling” she said. When Djane Rink was posed with a similar question she said this entire process has led to a realization that the Indian masses have finally accepted females in this field and she feels the nervousness being the current #1. Julia Bliss too felt an added excitement in the industry because of the voting season.

When we asked these Djanes as to what the word in the market was about the voting season, Lil’B joined Rink in confirming that this year there indeed exists a better awareness about the process right from event organizers to family and friends. Angel added that this year because of the outreach many Djanes have come up and have taken the voting process to a new level. She further stated that a lot of her colleagues from the industry keep talking about it and so the word is that this year it’s going to be big.

The fans, family and friends may get tired with their regular blasts and promotions to gather as many votes in their kitty as possible but our Djanes aren’t going to stop soon. It’s been about a month already and a couple months still to go.

Stay tuned to our social media channels for a big announcement is underway in the weeks to come. Don’t forget to vote for our favorite Djane and if you have some queries send them across to us on our social media pages.