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In Conversation With DJANE Candice Redding (Exlusive Interview with DJANEMAG INDIA)

At the time when everyone is gunning more and more plastic, Candice Redding stands out as a benchmark for quality music coupled with the energy levels of a true performer.
Candice Redding is 'The Royal Flush', a hand that is sure to get you the jackpot! Here is bringing out her likes,dislikes and struggles through an exclusive interview.

Djanemag India: To begin with, could you tell us a bit about your roots, educational background and interests apart from DJing?

Candice Redding: I’m French-Canadian-Dutch born in South Africa. I studied BA in South Africa, came here to India and took up a music production course at ILM Academy (I love Music Academy). Haha I have a varied lists of interests apart from DJing some of which are fashion, fitness, fast cars and gardening (yes, I grow organic fruits and vegetables myself. And also, I LOVE flowers.)

Djanemag India: What got you into DJing? How did people around you react to this decision of yours?

Candice Redding:  The love for music and performing! I’ve always been a performer right from school, I used to sing for my school band. And to be honest when I broke it to my friends and family, they were more excited than I was!

Djanemag India: Tell us more about your journey as a female DJ in this country.

Candice Redding: Honestly, it’s been great. It’s been a long journey but I have no complaints.

Djanemag India: What were the major setbacks you’ve faced in coming all the way where you are today?

Candice Redding:  None that weren’t rewarding. Touring always took a toll on me, during season time I’d have back to back shows – sometimes over 15 shows a month. I got no sleep, it was so hectic but I loved every bit of it anyway. Lucky for me, I’m fueled by chaos.

Djanemag India: How is Candice Redding different from Knoxx?

Candice Redding:  Candice Redding is my EDM project. It caters to a larger audience to whom the music is appealing. Knoxx came about when I visited Berlin, the mecca of underground music with which I fell in love. I wanted to push my creative boundaries but at the same time, didn’t want to alter the offering of Candice Redding and thus, gave rise to a new project.

Djanemag India: What genre are you most comfortable with? In your daily life, is this the genre that you like to listen to all the time?

Candice Redding:  I’m equally comfortable with both genres. Each tells it’s own story, each is a different experience. But as far as my daily life is concerned, I listen to all sorts of music – jazz, a lot of classical, blues, pop, hip-hop – anything and everything.

Djanemag India:  How different is the experience of playing at clubs and playing at events/festivals?

Candice Redding:  Clubs are intimate whereas festivals are more powerful.

Djanemag India: How was your experience playing at premier platforms like Sunburn, Vh1 Supersonic and EVC? How was it playing at the Axe Boat Party?

Candice Redding:  It’s ALWAYS an incredible experience, I feel so blessed. Sunburn, Vh1 Supersonic, EVC were all unique in their own way. One of the most thrilling experiences though was Tomorrowland: Unite. The scale, the crowd, the atmosphere – everything about it was a high. Axe Boat Party was really great. It was the first time I played to a dance floor on the roof of a luxury yacht. It was nice having a different setting in India. Everyone was dressed up, the sound was fantastic, the deck was gorgeous and the people were fabulous. Definitely an unparalleled experience.

Djanemag India: Do you have any djs/djanes that you really want to work with in your career? Why them?

Candice Redding:  I’d have to say Mala, Alok, DOD and Coby. Oh and he’s not a DJ but DEFINITELY Kanye West. Why? Because they’re all legends.

Djanemag India:  Any specific memory with fans (good or bad) that remains etched in your memory?

Candice Redding:  Played an outdoor show in Belgaum once. As I reached the venue, there was a full fledged welcome party of over 200 people! Drummers, singers, dancers - I felt like the Queen of England. It was absolutely touching!

Djanemag India:  Any message for the upcoming DJanes especially here in India?

Candice Redding:  Don’t let anybody tell you you can’t do it. Be real, be you. Dare to dream and follow your passion. Everything else is secondary.

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