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In Conversation With DJANE Maria Alphonso

Djanemag India was in conversation with India's upcoming talent Djane Maria Alphonso on her journey so far in the industry. Read on to know more about this Djane.


Djanemag India: To begin with, could you tell us a bit about your roots, educational background and interests apart from DJ’ing?

Maria: I come from the land of beautiful beaches and the home for party aficionados, Goa. When I’m not DJ’ing or working on my music, I love to eat, party, and not to forget my birth right as a woman, shopping. I’m a BCA graduate; however, coding never seemed to my kind-a thing. Before I ventured into the role as a DJ, I did Behavioral and Skill based trainings and have worked for various organisations.


Djanemag India: What got you into DJ’ing? How did people around you react to this decision of yours?

Maria: Music runs in our family. My dad was a huge fan of Country Music and Pop artists back in the days. I’ve always been a party maniac and have been surrounded by DJ’s all the time. I guess that’s what interested me to take DJ’ing up and follow my dreams of making people dance to my tunes. People are often surprised when you try to learn or do something new. I received mixed reviews and support when it came to taking the stage, however I believe criticism and rejection is what makes you stronger and hence, here I’m today. My husband is a huge support and one of the main reasons why, I’ve been able to make it this far.

Djanemag India: Tell us more about your journey as a female DJ in this country.

Maria: Our country is slowly but definitely moving towards diversity and it’s amazing to see how, some female DJ’s have really rocked the console and still continue to do so. My journey has been wonderful so far, and I thank all the people who’ve helped me grow and learn so much. It’s not easy to do it, without the right kind of people in your life.


Djanemag India: What were the major setbacks you’ve faced in coming all the way where you are today?

Maria: The Music Industry is a dynamic one and you need to be constantly evolving to make and be a better version of yourself. I think the perception or the mind set of certain people is sometimes what can really set a person back. It’s not a controllable factor, but I wish things could turn out better in that direction. As for me, Music matters and I trust myself and my work. That’s what is going to take you a long way. It’s not about the quantity, it’s about the quality. I may not be the best, but there’s a constant will to do it.

Djanemag India: Which is the genre you’re most comfortable with? Also in your daily life is this the genre that you like to listen to all the time?

Maria: I initially started off with EDM and that was the most comfortable genre to work with. However, with passing years, I’ve comfortably moved into Bollywood. You need to be versatile as a DJ and you need to know what your people want you to play. But, in my daily life, I listen to more of Techno, Progressive and Trance, as these genres are the closest to my heart.

Djanemag India: How different is the experience of playing at clubs and playing at events/festivals?

Maria: Honestly, it’s difficult to describe the sentiment. The energy, the mood, the music, the whole feel is just a very overwhelming experience.


Djanemag India: Do you have any DJs/Djanes that you really want to work with in your career? Why them?

Maria: Too early to say, I’m not sure about work, but I’d love to learn from DJ’s like Nikhil Chinapa, Pearl, NYK and a few more.


Djanemag India: Any specific memory with fans (good or bad) that remains etched in your memory?

Maria: Ummmm, I love it when people come and tell me they loved my set, or click pictures with me and post them on Instagram with interesting captions.


Djanemag India: Any message for the upcoming Djanes, specifically here in India?

Maria: Follow your dreams, with Integrity, Harmony and Passion


Djanemag India: Any message for your fans.

Maria: Thank you for the constant love and inspiring me to be the best I can possibly be. Love you all 


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