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In Conversation With DJANE Rink (Exlusive Interview with DJANEMAG INDIA)

She's been the talk of the town now. With her 10th edition of Bollygram out and results being declared soon we though of getting in touch with Djane Rink and getting to know her better. Here's an excerpt from our talk with this amazing artist.

Djanemag India: What motivated you to pursue a career as a DJ?

Djane Rink: Prior to being a DJ, I was working with a firm as a marketing manager and during this time I used to attend lot of events and parties. In the process I realized that people feel so calm and happy listening to the music and dancing to the tracks of a DJ. I immediately wanted to learn the art. Playing music for people is like a blessing; it gives me a chance to make them happy. Being passionate about music, I wanted spend my time staying immersed in music and what’s the best way to be with music 24x7 than being a DJ ! I’m loving it ! Its a blessing to me 


Djanemag India: What would you have been if not a DJ?

Djane Rink: I would have become a corporate marketing head in the company if not for DJ’ing because I have studied the subject marketing really well and that has helped me as a DJ too.


Djanemag India: What is the biggest challenge you have ever faced in the industry?

Djane Rink: In the 10 years that I’ve been in the industry, there haven’t been too huge challenges but now with brand new technology , to be a DJ has become simple and also with increasing the number of DJs in the country it always keeps you on the toes to push the boundries to make a difference.


Djanemag India: Who is that one person who inspires you the most and keeps you going on in your career and why?

Djane Rink: One source of power is my mother and second is my dear friend Tejan Botadra who has always inspired me to go ahead without any hesitation and be confident.


Djanemag India: Has there ever been a time when you thought this is enough and thought go quitting? How did you work through it?

Djane Rink: No, that’s like impossible with me. I have always made it a point that I do the best work and deliver the best experience wherever I am. I am loved by people in the industry and they love my music too. So I am really grateful to the industry for such support and with that I get lot of confidence to be a DJ and move further to make a difference for the party goers as well as the society.

Cross your fingers and get ready for the results of India's Top Djane. Stay tuned to our social meida pages for updates.