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In Conversation With India's #6 DJANE Angel (Exlusive Interview with DJANEMAG INDIA)

This week we speak to India's #6 DJane Angel to see how it's been so far in the industry. Read on to know he journey and what she says to all her fans and upcoming artists.

Djanemag India: When did you start DJ’ing? How?

Djane Angel: I stared DJ’ing in 2007. I never thought I’ll ever be a DJ. My friends always used to say I have a good sense of music and I should try it. There were very few female DJs back when I started. I was a drummer in school so always had music in my genes. That’s how my music journey started. 

Djanemag India: What keeps you going on?

Djane Angel: My passion for music and drive to do something new every day is what keeps me pushing ahead.

Djanemag India: If you wouldn't have been a DJ what would you be?

Djane Angel: I would have been a designer and would have had my own design label. 

Djanemag India: What is your favorite genre for playing? Why?

Djane Angel: I’m a very versatile DJ but if you ask my favorite genre it’s Bollywood and pop music, because I have grown up listening to Bollywood and pop and hence connect well to it.

Djanemag India: Is this also the genre you listen to in your daily life?

Djane Angel: Yes I do. 

Djanemag India: Who's the one person that keeps pushing you to keep discovering yourself?

Djane Angel: I would say my fans they push me the most to do new things. 


Djanemag India: What's the experience being a female in a male dominated industry? Would you like to share some personal experience?

Djane Angel: When I entered into this industry I had this mind-set that it’s a very male dominated industry, but I was blessed that I never felt that I’m working in the industry that is male driven. In-fact my closest friends are male DJs. They respect me for what I have done so far. 


Djanemag India: How's it being a Djane in India?

Djane Angel: It’s really fun and proud. Now-a-days the mind set has totally changed. 

Djanemag India: What's the one positive and one negative experience with fans you've had?

Djane Angel: I have really crazy fans. One guy has done a tattoo of my logo on his arm. I never had any negative experience as such in specific. 

Djanemag India: How different is the experience of playing at a club and at a fest?

Djane Angel: In a club gig your interaction with the crowd is closer but at fests it’s the madness. I personally love playing for festivals. 


Djanemag India: What's one message that you want to give to your fans who voted for you? And for the upcoming Djanes?

Djane Angel: I’m really blessed to have fans who love me so much that they took out time to vote for me. I’m here because of them. 


And my message to all the upcoming Djanes is, keep doing good work, love your job and be passionate about music: and you will definitely become successful.