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The Countdown to India's Top 20 Djanes

After 3 and a half months of tireless work to count votes here we stand today on the last day of voting for India's Top 20 Djanes. Over 3000 votes have come in along with messages from every corner of the country. Every vote has been manually scrutinised and counted so as to avoid double counting of votes by same people.


With voting just about to close we wanted to remind everyone about the grounds for a Djane to appear in the Top 20. 

1. The online votes

2. Amount of music produced

3. Organic social media interactions

4. Interaction of music channels on various platforms like soundcloud and mixcloud


The total of scores from all these categories will give us India's Top 20 Djanes.


As this journey ends, we'd like to thank every Djane for their support in the brand building process. We'd like to thank the people who have voted dilligently for the favourites. Stay tuned to our social media and the website to get updates on the final ceremony.