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Dj Rink is rocking the music scene

In a previous article we had spoken about one of India’s best Djanes who began her career with her trailblazing album “Lady Architect” in 2008. Djane Rink has certainly ruled the hearts of people from across the world. She rocked the streets of Hong Kong for Diwali, made people of Mumbai groove to her beats at Navratri and Mozambique will soon witness the magic of this artist.

Djane Rink is also gearing up for the release of the 10th edition of her album Bollygram. But if you think that’s it then you’re wrong! Dj Rink will now also spice up our weekends with her program “Aa Dhik Chik” on Radio City 91.1 FM.

Dj Rink has set some big stages on fire and made even the most rigid legs move to her beats. Let’s hope people have showed her enough love to get her the title of India’s #1 Djane