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Enough reacting its now time to act

A country of 1.2 billion people just noding heads in unison for every post about pushing women into the male dominated industry wouldn't suffice the needs of the time. Even today not more than 60-70 female DJs are really known regionally and way lesser are known at a national or international level. But this is not it.
Today we'd also like to bring attention towards an important issue of use of social media platforms to spoil artist image especially the female of our industry. It isn't rare to see inappropriate comments every time a female artist puts up a picture of hers on the se platforms. This issue has been making the rounds for years and we don't a see this act ending soon. Although we don't visualise an absolute eradication of this issue due to obvious reasons, a relative reduction isn't visible in the near future either ways. Although such comments don't change the artist per say but it is a disincentive to perform in certain places or atleast hamper their performance due to a spoilt mood of sorts and develops a certain stereotype abour the mentality of people in a particular region. This hampers the local and hence the overall industrt situation in that region.

On behalf of all Djanes around the world we'd like to request all music enthusiasts to pledge against negative commentary especially against female artists engaging in daily promotions. What joy does it give you in passing stupid comments that won't even change anything?