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Gearing up for voting ft. DJANE Rink

As DJANES across the country gear up for the voting, we spoke to India's #1 DJANE to understand what's hapening with her and how she's preparing to grab the spot again.


What new things are you coming up with?

In today’s music scene, a lot of different genres are coming out. The scenario is that today reggeton, hiphop, mambathon and house music is coming back and majorly all Bollywood songs are getting mixed by one of these genres. According to me however, one more style is vital. It’s the retro rock n roll of the 80s. I feel if I do something in this genre, that song will be a great hit. This is what is happening in the brand new, upcoming, music scene in india. My retro and rock’ roll will literally rock the crowd because it’s new and different.


What are your expectations from the voting this year?

Well, people have loved me so far! I wish that their love n support is aways with me. As they have supported me in the last two years, I would expect the same love and support from my people this year too. 


What is the one thing that makes you a good contender for the top spots?

I’ve always worked hard to give people the very best of me with my music. My passion and goal is to give my energy and the very best music to them. Of course, there are countless festivals in India and these become unforgettable celebrations due to artists. People celebrate happiness and emotions between their families at these times. I want to be a part of their happiness and celebration always. I look forward to the happiness I know they will experience through my music and I keep producing music for them to enjoy. That’s my motto. Now I have a lot of original, fresh tracks coming up. My tracks are coming on the leading label  Sare Gama India, plus one of India’s top leading music channels is showcasing an international remix track I have just released this year. I am also planning to collaborate with a lot of top international artists. With music and is changing trends, I feel the sky is the limit. I’ll always keep making good music and promise my fans to always come up with something fresh, original, and new. 


Any message for your fans?

Keep partying. Keep celebrating. Let’s celebrate because we are bonded by music. Feel it, enjoy it. Let it inspire you! Celebrate life. Learn something new as you listen to it every day. I want you all to experience and celebrate life through music because we are bonded with music.



Get ready DJANES for the show begins soon.