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India's Top Djane:The conclusion week

It's been an exhilarating few months here at Djanemag India. The entire process began with a franchisee change and then began the race to be India's Top Djane. We've had around 50 Djanes compete in order to establish their talent and gain the title of India's #1 Djane. What we've loved is that Djanes from every nook and corner have participated. Music enthusiasts from around the country sent in recommendations for Djanes who we couldn't reach out to and the necessary was done.

The votes clearly show the people's love towards established and upcoming talents in the country. The comments on voting posts and articles from the website have given a renewed sense of motivation to the Djanes and this act of love has proved that all their fights against the odds of sexism and body shaming are worth it.

In a weeks time voting will close and soon enough we'll have gone through the profiles of every Djane that will allow us to give you music aficionados your #1 Djane. At this point we'd like to bring to your fact that number of music productions, social media interactions, music channels on various platforms and followers on them do play a role in deciding the final winners. We want a Djane to grab the spot by the amount and quality of music and not just by her marketing skills.

Keep your love pouring in and we'll see you soon on the other side.