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Meet the Top Female DJs Who Will Rock the MOGA Festival Soon

MOGA Caparica is fast approaching with a return on Costa da Caparica close to Lisbon, and there is plenty to look forward to this year.

Beginning on Wednesday 29th May and happening through until Sunday 2nd June, with brand new OFF events taking place prior to the festival itself; a fully-fledged beach festival with a single expansive site and three unique stages.


Despite the expansion, at its core the festival will remain a compact and boutique gathering for real music lovers inspired by Atlantic vibes. As well as music it offers delicious food, local and international cultures and enriching activities for the soul. The line up is as balanced as it gets from an electronic perspective, covering house, techno, melodic, funk and soul.

We have profiled some of the leading female DJs who will be bringing the vibe to MOGA in just a few weeks.


Daisy Weweh



A DJ based in Hamburg but born in Ukraine and with Nigeria heritage, Daisy Weweh brings a great cultural mix to her sounds. She is a key part of her local scene and brings fun, passion and great knowledge to her feel good selections.


Heidi Lawdon



Lawdon is known for being able to play everywhere, from deserts to darkened warehouses. She makes music with Hein as Heidi Höven and hosts a bi-weekly show Magic Roundabout on LA's that is a whirlwind of house, disco, techno and synth-laden sounds of colour.




Adassiya's captivating live performance is one of the best in the game. It pairs her own soulful vocals with infectious grooves and plenty of spell-binding synths.


Sassy J



A cult selector who plays with love and soul, Sassy J's sounds are the sort that energise you to your core, bliss you out and get you smiling as well as dancing whether she's playing house, disco, or whatever in between.


Sofia Kuster



Sofia hails from Lisbon and channels the sun of her hometown into her tunes. She is a DJ who plays across the board, but always with great soul and selections that take you on a real journey through sound and a range of emotions.


MOGA Caparica

May 29 – June 2, 2024 

Costa da Caparica, Portugal


FB / IG / TW: @mogafestival