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The New Year is on

2018 is here and we entered it with great loads of work and a fun filled NYE. With Djanemag India events happening in cities like Mumbai it was indeed eventful. Djanes rocked the scene across the country with gigs at most cities and premier venues. They delivered their promise of only music and no bullshit. The industry may have been male dominated and till date Djanes may have been exploited but this festive season the game did change. In fact we also had Djanes from other countries playing the desi beats too and enthralling the audiences with their music styles. 

From Sunburn to private gigs our Djanes rocked the stage and made thousands groove to their beats (even those lazy uncles). But this couldnt't have been possible without you their fans. You'll turned up in large numbers at their gigs and boosted their morale. Every Djane we spoke to has sent regards to their fans who've supported them through their struggles and got them up where they are today. You the people have not only supported the established ones but also boosted the morale of up and coming artists and that is what we always asked for. This NYE was an amazing platform for new talents to come up and we are hoping to see some of these shine in the Top 20 Djanes list for 2018.

Speaking of this, registration and voting for India's Top 20 for 2018 will start in a few months so we hope all Djanes are gearing up and getting ready to grab the top spot. For further details get in touch with our team via Facebook, Email or on WhatsApp. Till then, to all the djanes: keep pushing hard and discover new avenues to enthrall and entertain audiences; to our lovely audiences: keep partying hard (yet responsibly) and supporting your favourite Djane (don't hesitate in showing your support through messages and posts,just don't get creepy).

Stay tuned for more upcoming Djane events and activities