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Voting Guidelines for India's Top Djanes 2018

With lots of refinements and cleaning up Djanemag India is ready to embrace the voting for India’s Top 20 Djanes. The results at the end of the process will be a product of a series of cross examinations to eliminate fake votes, social media interactions etc. Yes, you heard it right! Along with votes on the official Djanemag India Website we will also be looking into social media and music profiles of artists to allow only the real deal to make it to the top. After all we the throne of India’s top Djane isn’t just for fakes.

You must be wondering what the entire voting cycle looks like. Here is the step by step insight into the voting season :

  • Voting begins on 5th May 2018. To vote for your favorite Djane:
    • Log onto
    • Enter the names of 5 Djanes in rank order (To access the list of Djanes, go to Menu-Djanes)
    • Once the names are entered submit and done

What matters to make you India’s Top Djane?

  • Votes on the website
  • Amount of music produced till date. Considerations will be given to the Djanes entry year.
  • Organic social media following. Fake likes/follows on pages can easily be detected