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What's up with DJanes in India? - Part 1 ft. Djane Rink

We're entering the 3rd month of this new year and a lot of amazing things are starting to unveil in the dj industry. While some DJanes have already set the pace with theor albums and shows, some are gearing up to give a once in a lifetime experience to their audiences. Amidst al this excitement we decided to do a series of posts where we try to gauge what's in store for the music lovers and party goers of the country.

First on our list has also been put first by the people on the list of best DJanes in the country. We spoke to Djane Rink a little earlier and asked about her expectations from the scene this year and what could we expect from her this year. Here's an excerpt from our conversation:

About the scene in India:

A lot of people are doing good stuff and it's heartening to see how creativity blossoms from the most unexpected corners of the country. I believe this points towards a very promising future for original music production in India. The gig scene and festival culture according to me has reached its peak here. And I believe it will stay at this level for some time. But we need to up our game in some radical way. This is because I certainly know that this is not all that's left in the tank for our industry,

About what we can expect fom her in the new year:

A lot! I've made almost 48 tracks and plan to release in them in parts throughout the year. An India tour is also on the cards for me. I am also planning to work on more collaborations with Bollywood and international music producers. It's no doubt a super busy near future for me and I'm absolutely excited about it.


This was our #1 DJane speaking about what's up with DJanes in India. Stay tuned for views from other leading DJanes in the country.