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Working their way to the top

When dance music festivals began in the earlier years of this century, female DJs were nowhere to be seen. 10 years later female artists are an integral part of their lineups. 10 years ago nobody would have thought that they would be grooving to the beats of female DJs. Premier venues across the country feature female artists often; without fail.

It’s been a long and tedious journey for Djanes across the nation. With their success mantra of “do the unthinkable” not only have they crushed stereotypes, they’ve also pushed their own limits to explore and bring out genres which the Indian masses were not very familiar with. And guess what? The people love it. The dance music scene is so developed now that many international artists have made India their realm.

Hard work and diligence has been the key to their success. A strong will power was essential to get settled in this male dominated industry. Through continuous pushing of one’s limits only can one achieve great successes. Practicing, discovering new music, learning skills, recording sets networking, mixing, mapping, scratching day after day, year after year has helped these female DJs hone their skill and achieve recognition long due.

While behind the scene work has been at its peak, perseverance and hard work on-stage is no less. These Djanes have to step out day after day and prove themselves. Every gig is an opportunity to grow and step into a better version of themselves.

No matter what came in their way, our Djanes have never stopped. They’re on a mission to be a product of their choice and not circumstances.