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Yours truly, DJANEMAG India

Through the interviews last week we came to a conclusion that DJs should be respected irrespective of their gender. We found a post by Djane Paroma from November 2016 that further added to this.

This is indeed what we at Djanemag have always believed in. But given the fact that discrimination exists and talent is subdued, our efforts are that every female artist gets the platform they deserve and not what the society has reserved in some corner.

We’re moving close to the announcement of India’s top 20 Djane. While this is not an attempt to demotivate anyone it is to give every Djane is great. It’s just that some of these have been working relentlessly and this is our bit to recognize their efforts and put them out to the world and it’s also something that we want all Djanes to look up to.

In fact we came across another statement from an artist in Ghana. Have a look:

She said don’t call me a female DJ because that puts my gender before my skill and hampers my work.

We’ve come to realization that the female artists are now speaking up and our dream of an equal platform for all irrespective of gender in the DJ industry doesn’t seem like a distant dream.